Challenger Body-in-White (P5160605AA or P5160608AA) 

Price (P5160605AA): $7,995.00 (Primered)   or 

Price (P5160608AA): $9,995.00 (Painted)


GenuineDirect Connection Parts

Product ID: P5160605AA or P5160608AA

Description:      This fresh-off-the-line Challenger body direct from the factory and available with standard primer or optional color coat.  Choose from current Dodge Challenger production paint options. This is for the enthusiast that is looking for a blank canvas and avoids vehicles that have seen better days to start your build. This is an affordable foundation for those who wish to build a current generation Dodge Challenger before it goes out of production. The vehicle will include the following assembled body structure:

• Front and rear fenders

• Scat Pak hood

• Roof

• Driver and passenger doors

• Rear quarter panels

• Trunk lid

• Front & Rear bumper beams

*** ONLY available for pick-up from Watson Racing in Michigan. Call Direct Connection Tech Hotline for further details 800-998-1110 ***

*** Please contact Direct Connection Tech Hotline 800-998-1110 or with proof of purchase to complete the color selection process. ***

Part Number/Price: 

Challenger Body-in-White Primered (PN: P5160605AA ): $7,995.00 

Challenger Body-in-White Painted (PN: P5160608AA): $9,995.00



Disclosure: Disclaimer: For track use only. Not street legal, does not have a VIN.